Core Values


Since SOS Group Services Ltd., was founded in 1977, we have operated with an unwavering commitment honesty and integrity. It’s  one of our core values. That’s how we were raised; that’s how we do business, and that’s how we conduct ourselves personally.


SOS Group Services Limited is a the family-founded Company with integrity as its cornerstone. Since our inception in 1977, we have grown from a one-office local business to where we are now; providing work to many and a quality, diverse, professional service to Clients nationwide. We acknowledge and understand that our staff are at the heart of everything we and believe that there is no better place to develop or continue your career.

Our staff are trained, encouraged and promoted from within wherever possible, with reward and incentive schemes taken up willingly and successfully applied. Our workforce are challenged but contented; the majority of staff are long-serving and committed to everything they do

We support personal growth, diversity and equality, with an open door policy for any problem, grievance or complaint, all of which are treated in confidence.


Awareness and adoption of continued best practice is at the forefront of our Environmental policy.

We are constantly assessing and evaluating our continuing approach to ongoing waste reduction and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Wherever possible, we are looking to procure sustainable materials from ethically sourced companies and countries.


We believe that the local community is important and are therefore recognised as a good Employer, an integral part of the community and approachable by all, be it in a professional, fundraising or research capacity.

Where possible, we provide local employment, training schemes and open days for those that may show an interest in the Construction industry.

Liaising with other local businesses, schools and our neighbours, we aim to enrich and benefit both the commercial and residential areas we operate in and around.